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Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky In a Ticky Tacky World

I really like the song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds, I feel the lyrics are as relevant today as they were in 1962. I’m sick of the crappy new builds sprawling all over the countryside everywhere I look, its such a shame. It’s with this in mind I have decided to make a range of simple old-fashioned Illustrated paper toys that we can all enjoy. Nothing flashy and new, just simple old-fashioned fun. Just print them off, stick them to old cereal boxes or Amazon delivery envelopes, cut them out and have fun!

Below you can find a downloadable PDF gift of some ticky tacky houses that you can print out turn into your own Ticky Tacky village. I’m so excited to see which parts of the world the Ticky Tacky houses will be built- make sure you tag me on Instagram (@the.nelly.edwards) so I can plot them out on the Ticky Tacky world map.

There will be more additions to my Ticky Tacky world in the future so keep an eye on my Instagram account for sneak peeks at what’s coming next.

For now here’s a download of the first batch of three cottages from Ticky Tacky Town.

All you need to do is:

1. Download and print out the PDF

2. Glue the print out on to thin cardboard - why not use an old cardboard packet, cereal box, Amazon envelope?

3. Wait until it’s dry and neatly cut the houses out With sharp pointed scissors.

4. Fold along the blue lines, cut the red lines and glue the fold down flaps, stick them down and wait for it to dry...then voila! Your own little village of Ticky Tacky houses. Enjoy!

Ticky Tacky Houses Download
Download • 1.94MB

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