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Knitting dolls - a free downloadable colouring in page

I have long been a knitter. My mum first taught me to knit when I was five and my love for knitting has grown since then. I remember the first knitting doll I ever had was a wooden cotton reel with little nails on the top to wrap the yarn around. There’s a beautiful simplicity to knitting dolls, they have a tactile wood-turned form and (mostly) primary colours and because of that, they are charming, fun and joyful. Each one has a unique face, hand painted with smiles, little dots for eyes and always a sweeping smile or smirk.

Recently a lady I love to follow on Instagram @karinwinterart posted a wonderful photo of her vintage knitting doll collection, it was very creatively arranged in a flat lay and filled me with inspiration! I felt the urge to capture their whimsy and so, after many fun hours of drawing I have created for you, a free downloadable colouring in page.

Please click below to get your free A4 knitting doll colouring in page...I hope you enjoy!

knitting dolls colouring-in page
Download PDF • 1.25MB

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